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At Sweeter Berries we believe that food plays an important part in the festivities so we focus on providing mind-blowing desserts for every occasion. Ranging from our specialty hand-crafted chocolate-dipped strawberries to a variety of cakes, and even dessert cups. We've got your taste buds covered, no matter how big or small your event. Sweeter Berries can take care of the dessert catering, so you can focus on what matters.


Contact us for any occasion including; weddings, birthdays, baby showers, graduations, and corporate events.


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Chocolate dipped Strawberries- Graduation- You did it- Milk and white chocolate- peanut topping-custom box- cocunut topping- chocolate letters
Chocolate dipped strawberries- snack box- dark chocolate
chocolate dipped strawberries- mini champagne box- dark chocolate- oreo topping-custom gift box- handcrafted- henkell 200 ml bottle- pink champagne
chocolate dipped strawberries- breakable heart box with dipped berries -  white chocolate- gift box- handcrafted- pink- breable heart- mothers day- custom message- gold- gift box
chocolate dipped strawberries- large box- milk and dark chocolate- gift box- handcrafted
chocolate dipped strawberries- large box- milk and white chocolate- gift box- handcrafted
Cholate dipped strawberries- breakbale heart- milk and white chocolate- breakable heart with dipped berries box- gift box- custom- chocolate letters- father's day- red filling
wine box- 700 ml wine bottle- flowers- chocolate dipped berries- custom gift box- oreo topping- handcrafted- wooden box- orange filling- milk, white and dark chocolate- gift box- mothers day- fathers day- birthday-

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